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This document presents the conditions of usage and to comply with the rules as a user of any portals within the Ylos group ( & company property Ylos Hispania, SL

User registration
As an anonymous user you can view ads and limited offers, however the use of certain services such as ad insertion may be subject to prior registration as a member of the portal and the payment of a certain amount.
You agree, at the time of registration to the conditions of usage of the website and the receiving of communications on the same or any other sites of interest marked by the user. If the contact details provided at registration were not true or could no be verified, Ylos Hispania, SL reserves the right to delete your registration and any related content.

Standards ad insertion and other content
The website portals offer the possibility of inserting content using forms in the classified sections of sale, schedules, notices, news and other links and free. During this process the user agrees:

1. Complete the form required for that purpose. You must not leave any blank sections that are a mandatory requirement for completing. By completing the form alone advertisers are accepting the presented rules.

2. Also the answer or answers to the ads imply the acceptance of these standards by those who perform them, regardless of the form or medium in which they answered.

3. Advertisers assume sole responsibility arising from ads that constitute violation of industrial or intellectual property, trademark rights or any other alien, property or personal rights, including the privacy of individuals. It is expressly prohibited to insert ads of this kind.

4. Neither the Web hosts or its administrators and owners will have intervention or mediation of transactions that are advertised, offered or conclude through it, being such typical of those acts are performed, which rests solely to observe how laws affect the transaction, act or operation in question .

5. The web, their managers and owners are not liable for any inaccuracy or falsity of the information offered by advertisers, defectiveness of any items or objects that are announced, damage potential, non-payment or any other breach of contract or legal fallout incurred by the parties.

6. Listings inserted using the registration form, will always refer to transactions between individuals and or professionals, prohibiting placing advertisements involving referral or link to any places, establishments or real or virtual places where purchases are made, auctions, swap or other transaction or business. Are only allowed to advertise the same object or vehicle once during this time period is not allowed, so the periodic repetition of the same ad. Neither does the hosts allow generic ads that do not clearly contain a vehicle model and price, as a “publicity" and for this we will consider spaces reserved with a payment. Being a classic portal all ads must comply with being pre-1990 vehicles.

7. The photos that are inserted in the advert are required to be true and correct and must correspond closely with the item that is the subject of the advert.

8. The ads served can be removed from the site and deleted periodically. They are not integrated into any database. Access to them can only be made whilst on the server, through the address "URL” or corresponding links. Neither the administrators or web owners are required to provide any way of accessing the file or send notice or copy to the advertisers or anyone else.

9. Ads will be unpublished automatically after the period of 6 months (this period may be changed without notice), or if they are Unpublished by the advertiser itself, at this time the ad will be saved within the historic portal (no possible access to it through natural navigation). We are not responsible for Google indexing your ad once unpublished.

10. Managers or owners of the Web may withdraw at any time and without notice any advertisement they deem in breach of these rules or confusing, incomplete or inconsistent. Also we may at any time without notice, terminate service, close the site or change the rules or conditions.

11. As the User and register of the site you agree to receive communications allowing emails from other users and administrators, ads or news and services of other portals.

12. Ylos Hispania , SL reserves at all times the rights of admission.

13. We do not guarantee the availability, access and continuity of this group and other sites relating to Ylos Hispania SL or its services. Ylos Hispania SL will not be responsible, within the limits established in the current legal system, for any damages caused to the user as a result of the unavailability, failure of access and or lack of continuity of this and any other portals within the Ylos group.
Last Updated: 28/10/2013

Cookies policy

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the user's computer or device to access certain web pages to store and retrieve information about the navigation that is made from that computer. Here are more about the cookies we use on this website:

   • Technical Cookie: intended solely to enable the user to navigate through the website.
   • Cookie strictly necessary for the provision of a service requested by the user: for example, that which is necessary to install to make a payment, login or access a private area of the website.
   • Analytical Cookies: for monitoring and statistical analysis of the behavior of all users.
   • Marketing and advertising cookies: allow custom banners ads and also the collection of statistics on them.
   • Cookies and other social networking plugins: allow the site to share content through social networking websites of third parties.

The user can choose which cookies you want to work on this website or off by setting your browser.
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